What We're About

Carroll Group Aus is a family-owned and operated general freight and logistic solutions company, servicing customers in the Oil & Gas, Retail and Mining sectors. Our core business values are to provide a professional, flexible and reliable transport service without compromise to safety.
 With this comes local industry experience to effectively manage and mitigate transport risks across the regions in which we operate. Our commitment to providing localised labour services for the local communities we operate in provides an advantage for our customers, as the people in our workforce understand the landscape and field of operations. This has been a contributing factor to the powerful safety record that Carroll Group Aus has developed.

Why We Do It

We greatly believe in providing the safest and most reliable general freight and logistic solutions service to our customers. Being a family business, we deeply value the importance of making sure everyone gets home to their families safe at the end of all our operations. Our investment in safety and compliance goes above and beyond with the introduction of IVMS feeds of our drivers which detect speeding, fatigue and required interval breaks when on the roads.
The risk register is continuously and consistently updated to ensure that controls are in place to manage the safety of the workers operating directly and indirectly to the business. Carroll Group Australia has a strong health and safety record but understands that incidents do occur in the environment of which our business operates. Our reputation to promptly respond and mitigate the incidents by introducing effective preventative controls has reassured customers of our attitude to prioritise safety.

Our Values







Our Team

The team at Carroll Group Aus is a closely integrated group, the big 3 below are responsible of making sure the company runs smoothly.

Derek Page

Operations Manager

Vince Carroll

Financial Controller

Troy Carroll

Managing Director

Ben Patti

Operations Manager

Where we came from

Carroll Group Aus was founded in November 2017 by Troy Carroll. Troy had a very elaborate career in the motorcycle industry winning 24 National Championships and represented Australia several times at international events. He was then engaged by Kawasaki Motors Australia to run the factory racing team for the next 7 years and taking it to win championships and becoming one of the most sought-after teams in the industry. After 30 years in the industry, it was time for a change. Since his family had operated in the trucking and transport industry for over 40 years, it was a natural progression that he moved into this specialised industry, whilst injecting his desire to win and also his professionalism that he carried throughout his racing years.

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